For the same reasons you wouldn’t dream of skipping a home inspection before committing to purchasing a house, a condo document review is a crucial step to ensuring you are making a sound investment. 

A professional and experienced condo document reviewer will not only evaluate financial health, but can also assess the corporation’s rules and bylaws to make sure they will fit with your lifestyle and goals.

When you hire YYC Condo Review, here are just some of the questions that will be answered:

Financial Analysis

  • What is the current reserve fund balance and how does that compare against other condo buildings of similar age/size/build? 
  • What do condo fees include? How much have they increased in the past 5 years?
  • Are there large expenses coming up? How has the corporation handled large expenses historically?

building repairs

  • Have there been any special assessments in the past 5 years? 
  • What repairs are planned or projected in the next 5 years?
  • Are there ongoing repairs that suggest a larger issue?
  • Have there been insurance claims made in the past? What were the circumstances? 


  • Does the management have a good reputation?
  • Does the condo board have competent members and a consistent process?
  • Are there any concerns with the condo's bylaws? Are there strict rules?
  • Have Alberta laws and regulations for condo corporations been followed properly?


Full Scope Condo Document Review and Report: $360.00 CAD
Completed within 3 full business days.

Rush rates available!

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About US

    YYC Condo Review specializes in conducting full scope and comprehensive document reviews of condominiums in the Calgary area including Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Chestermere and Canmore.
    We pride ourselves in scrutinizing condo finances, governance and repair trends in great detail while offering simplistic and easy to understand reports catered to your specific needs and goals.    

    Many other Condo Document Review services ultimately just 'collect' the documents for you and present them with no opinion, context or comparison data. As an example, in regards to the reserve fund it may say "the reserve fund balance is currently $750,000". Is that good or bad? Will that cover major repairs that may be upcoming?    

    These questions must be answered before you can be comfortable with your investment. This is why we believe that YYC Condo Review is the best condo document review service available.  If you are interested in our service, or if you have any questions, please reach out using the contact

  • Tim did a great job of reviewing our condo documents.  Other reviewers have given us very lengthy reports which are hard to understand and cumbersome to read.  Tim’s report was very concise and to the point.  He got to the heart of the matter very quickly and answered the only really important question we had, which was;  is this a good investment for us?  I would recommend Tim and his services to anyone who is buying a condo or townhouse.  You won’t be disappointed!
    Catherine L, Calgary AB
  • I approached Tim because I had used several condo document review companies in the past that were unsatisfactory. 
    Tim helped me by outlining his services very clearly, without all the small talk that can sometimes be hard to interpret. The result was a review that was done in a timely manner and a report that was easy to understand and more importantly, answered all of my questions. One thing I liked was that Tim has sat on the board of his own condo for years, so has firsthand knowledge of the way that boards are run and can easily decipher some of the language used in the minutes that is not necessarily supposed to be deciphered.
    Natasha M, Calgary AB
  • Tim identified major issues with a prospective condo's finances that my realtor wasn't aware of and was hidden deep within the documents. Being armed with this data was crucial to making an informed investment decision. 
    Brad L, Calgary AB

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